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November 2009



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Nov. 17th, 2009

(no subject)

I guess I will never get around using LJ much except for following friends and fellow artists... So just in case, posting the links to more "alive" parts of my online activities:
my dA page: http://www.tacto.deviantart.com
the AfterHoursCircle blog: http://afterhourscircle.blogspot.com/
Cheers! ^^

Mar. 8th, 2008

RSoM8 Online voting is up!

I need to get used to using my LJ more regularly.. Yes. So I took that Christmas Tree theme down. March would seem like about the right time to do it,  wouldn't you say? So I take this moment to announce and shamelessly promote the news about RSom8 online voting - IT STARTED TODAY!!
It's HERE!! It will end on the 14th after what all the winners will be announced and move on to a happy anthology ending. So, if you got a moment and a cup of tea, go read the finalists entries (after all it's free fun stuff), enjoy the moment and maybe even give a vote to your favorite one. Yours Truly is in there with a wacky story called "Full Circle". AAND.. much more news are to come very soon about my first collaborative work with an elusive, but amazingly talented creator.. It would not be an exaggeration to say that it is the best work I have done so far and I certainly hope it is just the 1st in a line of several. More to be announced soon ^^

Dec. 18th, 2007

(no subject)

Whoa!! Second entry!! XD
I'll definitely have to figure out how to make this journal look a bit nicer... someday.. :)
Anyway, "Tacto's adventures" continues: after the gun-fire a month ago, now we got into a bomb alert...  and in the most unlikely of all places: Geneva's airport!! (the quiet Geneva, where nothing  terrible usually happens)  After 20 hours of travelling this was not even funny.. Anyway! XD
So now I am back home, getting fat as the goose before Thanksgiving day and not even feeling guilty... ahhhh... smelly cheese.... swiss chocolate.... fine dried meat... non-smelly cheese..... more chocolate.... XD
I haven't seen much of my friends yet, since everyone's working now and have mostly done administrative stuff that had to be done, but these next 2 weeks will be busy. And.. don't tell anyone, but I really miss all my drawing stuff... T_T is it called "mangaholic"????
I would also like to take more time to think about the plots of the different stories I have in mind, but it is difficult when I am not really at my place ^^;
However, another good point of being here is all the french-translated manga - for example, last time I bought all the volumes of Tensai Family of Tomoko Ninomiya (author of english-translated Nodame Cantabile) and now I got "I am not an angel" of Ai Yasawa - which is really sweet! So in 3 words: life is good! :D

Nov. 2nd, 2007

(no subject)

As people say, "it's better late than never". So here I am posing my first journal on LJ. This was catalyzed by my meeting with Dee and Myung a week ago at Yaoi-con. It was also my first time meeting friends from the online/Wirepop community and it was a blast. Somehow, manga path doesn't feel at all as lonesome as when I first started on it a year and a half ago. So many wonderful folks out there and I really look forward to meeting them someday.

On the creative side, I am guilty of not updating "Inner Edge" for a month now. But this is a conscious decision to allow the necessary time to complete my Rsom 8 entry, and work on things that need more attention. So as our governator would say "I'll be back" soon enough.

On the paying work side, it is pretty busy, especially since we "lost" one of our team this week.. Rita, why did you have to go back home to Portugal???!!!! WHY???!!! Sigh, this is how things are when you make new wonderful friends in a place where people come to learn and go back home. On top of that, we had a 5.6 earthquake south of Palo Alto on Tuesday night, which resulted in me not being able to go back home and having to crash at another friend's couch. It was fun though - my first earthquake!

So I guess this was a week of a lot of "first times". Life is exciting!